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Iran’s Facade of Democracy

June 14, 2009
Iranian Democracy Is Like Fascism: The People Are Told What to Believe Happened

Iran’s government (ran by Ahmadinejad) declared Ahmadinejad the winner of the election with 85% of the vote count… Many of the members of the West have voiced skepticism. Says a Republican Representative from California,

There appears to be pretty good evidence that this is a cooked election

He is justified in saying this, as supporters of declared runner-up Mir Hossein Mousavi are now seen protesting and rioting in the streets of Iran. Mir Hossein Mousavi has declared himself the landslide victor and popular belief is that the election result has been tainted. 

I believe it is a fair conclusion to declare that Iranian Democracy is corrupt. It is, perhaps, also fair to say that something must be done. The United Nations has not taken any steps to rectify the situation, and as violence in Iran increases, the situation can only get worse.


We’ve Been Duped: Iranians Test Launch Longest Range Missile Yet

May 21, 2009
The Iranians now have missiles capable of traveling 1200 to 1500 miles.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates reports that the missile was successfully tested. He says that the missile fired was a relatively short range missile, when compared with other missiles that Israel is said to have.

Secretary of State Clinton claims that Iran’s nuclear capabilities are a serious threat. But more importantly, what does this mean? It means we’ve been duped. For several years, we bough the lies that Iran was developing nuclear warheads for nuclear energy. We’ve been tricked into believing that Iran is some harmless ally. And for some reason, we believed it.

Perhaps the press manipulated this story to keep the population calm. I haven’t seen the press claiming that they are a serious threat at all. This event wasn’t really headline news…

Iran continues to be lethal, and it seems that no amount of negotiation will get them to change their minds.

War Erupts In The Middle East

January 6, 2009

It was only a matter of time.

The state of Israel covers much of the Islamic holy land. Recently, the terrorist group, Hamas fired missiles into Israel from the Gaza strip. Israel retaliated as any nation would towards an act of war and invaded the Gaza strip with full force: tanks, surgical strikes, and a land invasion. They have had much progress and have all but eliminated the terrorist threat in Gaza.

However, like in all great military movements, there is an opposition. The U.N., lead by France, is trying to coax Israel into peace. On the contrary, Israel needs to find and destroy any terrorist group with the capability of firing missiles into its homeland.

The results of this offensive could grow though. Many nations support the actions of Hamas and may use this as an excuse to attack Israel. Among these, Iran has already announced plans to bomb Israel. Iran’s nuclear industry is developing and may be capable of war. However, a larger war will seem unlikely as time progresses.

When looked at in detail, we’re looking at a much more dire situation than advertised on the news. It’s only just begun.