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The March on Washington

September 12, 2009

It appears that my proposal to the teaparty movement was successful. Tens of thousands of protesters, according to Fox News, marched on Washington to protest government expansion. It is officially the largest fiscally-conservative protest that has ever been brought to Washington DC. If not the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time, it is the most promising. Activism always leaves a mark, and hopefully this time it will be enough.

Unfortunately, and perhaps intentionally, Obama wasn’t in town for the event, according to the LA Times. Barack Obama was rallying support in Minneapolis for his healthcare overhaul and the government health insurance program while the TEA Party’s rally was under way. Humorously enough, more protesters came to Washington than supporters to Minneapolis.

Given this and the fact that polls have been overwhelmingly against the bill, Congress may not have the guts to pass Obama’s healthcare overhaul. Things are brightening up.


Edward Liddy, the Congressional Scapegoat

March 30, 2009

We all need to blame someone for our troubles.We saw this with George Bush in 2007 and with Steve Bartman in 2003.

Kenneth Westhues wrote,
<blockquote>”Scapegoating is an effective if temporary means of achieving group solidarity, when it cannot be achieved in a more constructive way.”</blockquote>
People look for scapegoats when they need someone to blame, and most often, they are not even related to their effects. For example, George Bush is blamed for Freddie Mac’s failure, though the failed institution was created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and forced into bad loans with poor families by the Carter Administration (and Bush would have made the necessary changes to save Freddie Mac had the liberal congress not prevented this in the name of the poor).

This brings us to Edward Liddy. Congress called him in, like a court, and questioned him about AIG and what was being done to fix the company. Congress was fuming about AIG’s continuous corruption, and they wanted answers.

Well, Edward Liddy is certainly not responsible for this corruption. The federal government put him at his post as CEO of AIG. Many other people have been CEO before him, including Martin Sullivan, Robert Willumstad, and Joseph Cassano. ABC says that the latter “virtually bankrupted” AIG, and even this is unfair.

It is implausible and unfair to attack Edward Liddy for contractual bonuses, especially when Liddy believes he’s “made progress in winding down this business”.

Now we must note that our government hates the very AIG that they set up. Says Democrat Paul Hodes, “AIG now stands for arrogance, incompetence and greed.” Well, one thing is certain. Dissatisfaction with the work of liberal congress is bipartisan.

Andrew Johnson

March 20, 2009
Part 3 of a new series identifying those responsible for the corruption of the constitution and capitalism.

The 17th President of the United States was an established racist. He vetoed Civil Rights bill, allowed for the Jim Crow Laws, and set up american racism that would last a hundred years. He cited decentralization as an argument against his actions (many states were not represented when the Civil Rights Bill passed Congress), but what he said in private makes it clear that this was not so.

Many consider him to be one of the worst presidents of the United States.

His Crimes

This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men.

The founders believed that “all (of mankind) are created equal”. However, instead of properly reconstructing the Union, he made a mess of things.

Next in the series: Theodore Roosevelt

Delay is preferable to error.

February 6, 2009

Do we still believe in wisdom?

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Delay is preferable to error.”

A growing number of economists don’t believe that Obama’s great stimulus plan will not help the economy. In fact, it will probably only add to the current inflation.

Throwing money at a wall doesn’t move it.

Wise up, congressmen. Vote this bill down. Rid it of pork and cut the total expenses down to below $100 billion.

We can’t sit around and buy into things like this, for Jefferson also said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

One Last Hope: Hillary Clinton’s New Postion Unconstitutional?

January 30, 2009

Well, not exactly.

The Emolument Clause: (Article I, Section VI) 

“No Senator or Representative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time: and no person holding any office under the United States, shall be a member of either House during his continuance in office.”

Because there was a pay raise during Bush’s presidency, Hillary is ineligible for the position of Secretary of State. Though the cabinet pay was increased by executive order, her prescence in the senate at that time prevents her from ever taking any cabinet position. (Obama should know this, as he studied constitutional law at Harvard.)

Though this is unfair (she didn’t have a say in whether or not the pay increased), the constitution won’t let her in. Too bad.

Many people (including myself) are happy at the prospect of Hillary Clinton staying out of the cabinet. However, this situation has happened before and the constitution was either ignored or bent. Hillary Clinton will get her position.

And besides, if not Hillary, then another liberal. So why bother?